Q. What’s an ordinary day like at Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet?

 An ordinary day is walking barefoot along pristine beaches, and simply reveling in huge skies, trackless wilderness teeming with wildlife, and breathtaking sunsets.

Scarlet Macaw Playing in a Beach Almond Tree

Q.  What will tomorrow bring?

Probably just another ordinary Drake Bay day, that is world-class scuba diving, with perhaps a side trek through the rainforest later in the evening in search of bioluminescent mushrooms and mammalian creatures of the night.

Three-toed Sloth

At Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet, an ordinary day may take you into one of the most biologically intense places on  earth, or perhaps to a pristine beach to admire a flock of scarlet macaws.  Come explore what an ordinary day in an extraordinary corner of the earth has to offer.

The following recommended  tours can be  arranged through The Rainforest Chalet:

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore the magic of Drake Bay Rainforest Chalet,  we invite you to discover the  awe-inspiring beauty and free-spirited adventure that await… just beyond the front door.