When it comes to hunting, aside from having a good background knowledge and experience handling a gun, you should also have the proper gear not only to stay safe but also to help increase the chances of you going home with a prize. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to buying the proper gear for Duck and Goose hunting:

Blend in

What you wear matters in hunting – you have to blend in with your surroundings. This is why it is important to know what type of area you will be hunting in. If you are hunting in an area with lots of plants and bushes then a green camo is the most ideal choice for you. If you are hunting in wooded areas, a dark brown or black camo works best. If you are hunting in an area with wheat stalks or dead grass, a light camo will be perfect for the job. To learn more about guided duck hunts, visit on hyperlinked site.

Get a gun sleeve

Moving around as you hunt can cause your gun to collect debris and dirt and this can cause it to ham. Having a gun sleeve will keep it clean while you are walking around and changing positions.

Non-toxic ammunition

When it comes to duck and Goose Hunting, it is best to use non-toxic ammunition. In fact, some states do not allow hunters to use lead bullets because it is toxic. Non-toxic shells include steel, tungsten, bismuth, and other non-toxic materials.

Stay dry

You might have to retrieve the duck or goose in the water. You can stay dry by buying a pair of waders and high boots to protect you. This will also help you stay dry when you are hunting during winter or cold weather.

Whistles and decoys

Sometimes you need some extra help and that can come in the form of decoys and whistles. Just make sure that the decoys are the same breed. Duck call whistles help attract ducks to your location making it easier for you to be able to bag a prize.