As the song goes “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I’ve been”.  When you listen to rain sounds, the sounds tend to get in touch with your feeling.  The pouring sound may be annoying for some, for majority, it sounds like nature.  Very natural, very calming, and lets you get in touch with your feeling and of course yourself.

Rain Sounds for Calming and Relaxation

Maybe you too have experienced the relaxing feeling that rain sounds bring.  Whenever a heavy rain pours, most people love to just stay at home, sit outside the veranda, and sip a hot tea or coffee while enjoying the relaxing sound of the rain.  Sometimes, we may wonder why such sound helps us feel relax and calm.  In fact, some people get asleep easily when listening to rain sounds. Learn about relaxing nature sounds on

According to some experts, the love for rain sounds actually stems from our want to cover the annoying noises around us especially at night.  The sound of the rain is naturally loud and tends to cover different noises that we hear around us, making our mind and even our body more relaxed and temporarily experience break from noises. 

Another thing is that, the rain sounds is similar.  The difference may just be on how strong and how slow the rain sounds is, but the sound itself is are very similar, hence not annoying at all. 

Relaxing Sound of the Rain using Gadgets

If you really love the relaxing sound of the rain, there are actually apps that could be downloaded on your Android or IOS phones for free.  You can use these sounds when you want to take a rest or simply when you want to get asleep quickly even when there is really no rain.  It could be played through your phone or tablet and could be played anytime as long as you want.