Athanasse Zafirov: Wonderful World Of Pixel Arts And Emoticons

As technology emerges, it has been the constant tool use by majority of all the people in the world. It can be for personal use or business use. Communication is very easy and convenient just a flick of your finger.

Due to its innovation, communications through messages became more fun and enjoyable as you are able to show your emotions using pixel arts and emoticons. How they became a trend nowadays, what are their uses in communications and how important they are in the field of messages.

Pixel art is a very small dot which you will combine with the other dots to form an image or picture. This is widely use in the Television or in the computer. They will come into different forms depending on the likes of the creator. While emoticons comes from the word “emoji” a slang word for emotions. If you want to know more about pixel art, you can find its details on

Athanasee Zafirov is a fan of pixel arts. It is important for him to know the basic when you are a fan. He learned it from few learning sites which give simple instructions. If you wish to be an expert, you may find some establishment where they teach more and complex pixel arts. He also uses emoticons when sending messages to his friends and family. Using these tools helps the communication more fun and very enjoyable. With the help of emoticons, sending your feelings or your facial expression becomes easy. You will get the chance to know the feelings of that person every time you receive it. They serve as your mirror; the one who receives it will know your feelings even if you are miles away.

Due to its demand, pixels and emoticons are widely used globally. Some are using different names and comes with themes for selection. They can be in different forms but they only give one meaning and that is entertainment.