Explore the fascinating world of tropical insects and arachnids with Tracie “The Bug Lady” on this one of a kind adventure trek through the rainforests of Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

“…This 21/2-hour tour is one of the most fascinating excursions in the area and shouldn’t be missed.  Tracie is a walking encyclopedia on bug facts – and not just boring scientific details.  One of her fields of research is the military use of insects…”

On this two-hour trek through the rainforest, join Biologist Tracie “The Bug Lady” and spotter extraordinaire Gianfranco Gómez, as they team up to reveal the intriguing world of moonlight exploration.

We’ll go in search of the critters you love to loath – from bugs to bats, to all that creeps, crawls and flies by night.

And true, you’re sure to see the beast with two brains on this tour.   But fear not!

The tales on this trek are sure to turn your fear and loathing to grudging admiration for some of the most remarkable – and misunderstood – creatures on the planet.

This is undoubtedly the most interesting wildlife tour I’ve been on …if you go to Drake Bay,  you should not miss taking a walk with The Bug Lady.”